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Specialized Fiduciary Team

It is our mission to provide

person-centered specialized fiduciary services

while preserving your dignity and protecting your

financial and healthcare decisions. 

We exercise prudence and honesty. We serve as Trustee, Successor Trustee, and as an agent with the Power of Attorney for Asset Management and Finances. We also serve as an Executor and/or Administrator. These assignments are made through your Trust and/or Will. 

Tending to your person first is our primary focus. We serve as an agent with the Power of Attorney for Healthcare decision making, which is assigned on your Advance Health Care Directive. We advocate for your person first and foremost, to support your thought process, protecting what is your right to decide.  

  • Care Management

  • Case Management

  • Daily Money Management

  • Bill Payment Services

  • Beneficiary Advocate

  • Conservatorship Consultant

  • Family Consultant

  • Informal Assistance

What is a Fiduciary?
View this video to learn more.