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“I have worked with Lori on several occasions and she is dedicated to the overall well being of her clients. She takes the time to not only get to know the client but get to know the family so that the client can be best supported. She is detailed in her notes and is well connected to other top-notch professionals so that her clients get the best care and the best experience.”

"As a business owner and care provider, I know first hand the challenges of navigating care management, finances, and professional relationships. Working with Lori over the last 3 years has been a much-appreciated opportunity and learning experience. Her medical knowledge, professionalism, and field experience make my job easier and help my client relationships thrive. Lori makes sure everyone is on the same page through every step of the aging process. Our mutual clients always benefit from her comprehensive planning and flawless execution. She is always up to speed and ready with answers and suggestions for how to handle common problems as well as less expected occurrences. I cherish our professional relationship and can confidently look forward to future endeavors together, knowing that we provide clients with the most comprehensive solutions to their care needs.

“Lori is devoted, able, and untiring in her pursuit of a goal. She is pleasant to work with, meets deadlines, and is always looking for the best solution. Lori is able to get along with a variety of personalities. She genuinely likes people and they respond positively to her.”

Alexandria Goff, Esq. 
Attorney, Goff Legal, PC

Marcia VanWagner, Owner, Getting Your Stuff Together
Retired Colonel, US Army

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Adrian Berci,
CEO and Care Facility Owner,
BBC Senior Services & Consulting, L.L.C.
The Levendi Estate RCFE