About Lori Cochrane


Lori is a veteran of health and disability advocacy and supporting person centered practices since 2000. She is a speaker, a writer, and an educator to people of all ages and abilities. 


Her outgoing and warm personality combined with her take-charge abilities have helped countless families during times of difficulty and transition. An avid networker and communicator, Lori is an information gatherer making it her priority to learn about and advocate for the true intentions of her clients.


To back up her passion and tenacity, she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Psychology, and a Master’s Degree in Special Education from California State University, Sacramento. This coursework and the ensuing experiences culminated with Lori obtaining a Fiduciary License. 


Lori is a seasoned team leader and an active member of the Lincoln community. With Lori in the lead, her passions have catapulted her network of like-minded friends to the top of charity fundraising on the community level.


About Cochrane Support Services 


Not your typical Fiduciary practice offerings, and not your typical service provider. It is my philosophy that PEOPLE COME FIRST. My experiences with people, as a Behaviorist and later a Special Education Teacher, have made me who I am today: a responsible, trustworthy, and empathetic person.


It isn't about what I want or what is good for me, it is about the person for whom I am charged with representing.... their voice.... their true intention, to support their decision making, or as their surrogate decision maker.


Family is everything to some people but not everyone has family who have the ability to take on tasks of this gravity. The important choices that will keep a person in their home longer as they age, or abiding by the person's health care choices rather than their own - these are the tasks that are difficult for a family member to accomplish. Difficult especially during a time when a loved one is losing capacity, or emotions are running high with disagreement among family members.


To prevent or relieve this type of situation, there are options. Call on me to help. I will be your guide through the process. 

     Thank you,

     Lori Cochrane


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