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This collection of documents is designed as a tool for organizing important information about you. Its purpose is to ease the difficulty for your loved ones, and/or your power of attorney for healthcare agent, by providing information they need to carry on effectively if you are not able. 

The various sections of Cochrane Support Documents serve different related purposes. Of primary importance, you will embark on an exploration of your personal wishes for your care in the face of a grave prognosis with respect to specific therapies that could save or prolong your life. A later section requests details about your after-death wishes which is often a difficult topic to face. All of the sections of Cochrane Support Documents serve to support your preferences for how you wish to be cared for as you decline with age.

You may download Cochrane Support Documents for a one-time fee of $500, without completing the engagement agreement. This will help you compile useful information for your family members and/or healthcare agent as you review your options. Should you decide to do business with Cochrane Support Services, the purchase of the support documents will be calculated in lieu of the $500 per person intake fee.