Contracted Services

We are a "safety net". Our clients enter into an agreement
with us to utilize our skill-sets whether or not we serve from 
a place of legal authority. Why? Because it is common for
people to decline as we age, needing more and more help
along the way, but not necessarily due to a lack of capacity.
The goal is to support you without us taking full control,
unless or until we have to.
Office Work

Menu of Contracted Services

  • Care Management

  • Case Management

  • Daily Money Management

  • Bill Payment Services

  • Beneficiary Advocate

  • Conservatorship Consultant

  • Family Consultant

  • Informal Assistance

Limitations of Practice

  • We do not provide medical or legal advice or services.

  • Unless a person is incapacitated and we have authority as an agent with power of attorney, or we are their conservator, we do not make decisions or requests on behalf of individuals.

  • We do not act as a messenger or advocate on behalf of an individual, other than our client, with the goal of influencing or changing the mindset of a loved one, a clinician, or an associated professional.

  • We do not perform personal care, but we do put those care services in place on your behalf.

  • We engage with qualified financial advisors and licensed medical practitioners on your behalf.

  • We do not accept gifts or bequests.