Power of Attorney for Healthcare

Taking the time to help you define your end-of-life care preferences through our Cochrane Support Documents system, helps us gain a clear understanding of the things that matter most to you. This is our duty as your surrogate decision-maker. We cannot serve professionally without this information. 

Health & Care Advocacy

We gain access to information and communicate with care providers in a professional capacity. We advocate for you according to your wishes, gathering the facts to support your decision making. The honor and dignity we provide you are the same as we give our own loved ones. Your participation is our primary goal.

Consulting Support for Serious Medical Issues

We are neutral, informed, and knowledgeable about healthcare systems and their policies to help manage the complicated nature of your or your loved one's terminal illness. We provide impartial personal support in determining placement and navigating the options which may be offered by licensed medical providers.

Limitations of Practice

  • We do not provide medical or legal advice or services.

  • Unless a person is incapacitated and we have authority as an agent with power of attorney, or we are their conservator, we do not make decisions or requests on behalf of individuals.

  • We do not act as a messenger or advocate on behalf of an individual, other than our client, with the goal of influencing or changing the mindset of a loved one, a clinician, or an associated professional.

  • We do not perform personal care, but we do put those care services in place on your behalf.

  • We engage with qualified financial advisors and licensed medical practitioners on your behalf.

  • We do not accept gifts or bequests.

Health & Well-Being

We professionally manage services, care,
placement changes, and support, 
for a person
with any ability, through all life transitions.
Holding Hands