Our Philosophy

Person First ~ Person-Centered

Not your typical fiduciary practice offerings, and not your typical service providers. It is our philosophy that PEOPLE COME FIRST. We specialize because we want to focus on your individual needs in an expert way.


It isn't about what we want or what is good for us, it is about the person whom we are responsible for representing...
.... your voice
.... your true intention


Engaging with the service of professionals is a gift to those you love. You may not want to burden them, or they may not have the capacity to handle a crisis.

Family is everything to some people but not everyone has a family who has the ability to take on tasks of this gravity. The important choices that will keep you in your home longer as you age, or abiding by your health care choices rather than their own - these are the tasks that are difficult for a family member to accomplish. Difficult especially during a time when a loved one is facing illness or cognitive decline or emotions are running high with disagreement among family members.


To prevent or relieve this type of situation, there are options.
Call on us to help. We will be your guide through the process. 

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