Special Needs & Health Care Manager

Looking for a creative solution for aging parents or an adult child with special needs? I professionally coordinate support, services, and care, for a person with any ability, from hospital to home and all transitions.

Power of Attorney for Health Care

Taking the time to help you define your end-of-life care preferences helps me gain a clear understanding of the things that matter most to you. This is my duty as your surrogate decision maker.

Health Care Advocate

I gain access to information and communicate with care providers from a professional capacity. I advocate for you according to your wishes, gathering the facts to support your decision making.


Special Needs Advocate

Planning for your adult child with special needs? My experience gives me the wherewithal to advocate and consult from a place of knowledge. Everyone has a right to be included in decision making.

In 2007 California enacted legislation that created the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau to regulate non-family Professional Fiduciaries acting as Conservators, Guardians, Trustees, & agents under Power of Attorney.

I am licensed to practice as a Professional Fiduciary in the State of California under the Department of Consumer Affairs, and the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau.

In California a Guardianship is when the person is a minor. A Conservatorship is when the person without capacity is an adult. Some states refer to this authority as an Adult Guardianship.


By court-order I am assigned responsible for the medical and personal decisions of an adult, called "Conservator of the Person," or a "Limited Conservatorship" if the person is Developmentally Disabled. This assignment is STRICTLY only utilized when a person's decision making capacity is extremely impaired.

If a person has capacity to choose a Power of Attorney for Health Care, the person named in those documents can perform the same duties described above if the person were to become incapacitated.

California Licensed Professional Fiduciary
Person First - Person Centered Health Care Management
Conservator of Person &
Limited Conservatorship

Protecting a person's right to make their own decisions is paramount to what I do. Decision making capacity is on a spectrum. I advocate for the person first and center, to support their thought process, protecting what is their right to decide.

I work towards the least restrictive possible living environment and least restrictive possible limit to a person's participation in their life.

Complicated family relationships can cloud the judgment of loved ones -- Sometimes my fresh-perspective can bring new hope.

Conservatorship Prevention &
Supported Decision Making
  • I do not provide medical or legal advice or services;

  • Unless a person is incapacitated and I have their power of attorney for healthcare as their agent, or I am their conservator, I do not make decisions or requests on behalf of individuals;

  • I do not act as a messenger or advocate on behalf of an individual, other than my client, with the goal of influencing or changing the mindset of a loved one or clinician;

  • I do not perform personal care, but I do put those care services in place on your behalf if necessary;

  • I do not accept gifts or bequests

Extended Illness

Overwhelmed Loved Ones
I provide impartial personal support services to manage the complicated nature of your care. Individualized services include:

  • Medical Advocate for your wishes

  • Navigating options for comfortable care at home or outside of home during a time of illness or rehabilitation


Serious Medical Issues
I am neutral, informed, and knowledgeable about healthcare systems and their policies to manage your or your loved ones terminal illness:

  • Pain and symptom management (palliative)

  • Comfort and quality of life through Hospice

  • Voluntary stopping of eating and drinking (VSED)

  • Refusing unwanted medical treatment or discontinuing life-sustaining treatment under the care of a physician

  • Palliative Sedation

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Professional Fiduciaries are licensed and regulated by the Professional Fiduciaries Bureau: Telephone (916) 574-7340, Website www.fiduciary.ca.gov

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