Let's go back to the 90's in Florida... Terri Shiavo's wishes were so unclear, a fight ensued between her husband and parents lasting 15 years. Permanent loss of consciousness, and no meaningful existence. A persistent vegetative state.


So, tell me now, how can we prevent this mess?

ADVANCE DIRECTIVE! Date. Sign. Notarize.


There is also the case of the little old lady who lived in a shoe, had so many children she didn't know what to do! She couldn't pick just one to reflect her voice, as her Health Care Agent. One day she became greatly confused (oddly enough, a simple urinary tract infection was to blame). The little old lady lived for five years as a ward of the court with a conservator, a complete stranger, making her decisions for her.

So, tell me now, how can we prevent this mess?
ADVANCE DIRECTIVE! Date. Sign. Notarize.

Sign a DNR, a POLST, to avoid CPR, and your doctor should tell you what your choices are. Designate a Surrogate, or an Agent, as your Power of Attorney for Health Care, on an Advance Directive.

For more information, please see an attorney! This is intended as information only, and not legal advice, I am not an attorney.

Click the link below for a pdf Advance Directive Form from the California Office of the Attorney General.

Date. Sign. Notarize.  Please enjoy the video which was Written by Nicole D'Arcy and Anna Krawisz as part of a Stanford Medical School project.


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